Crewed By The Damned

by Swashbuckle

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released September 15, 2006

Admiral Nobeard: vocals/bass
Commodore RedRum: guitars
Rowin' Joe Po - guitars
Captain Crashride: drums

Tracks Recorded, Mixed/Mastered by Len Carmichael @ Landmine Studios, Ewing, NJ
Drum tracks recorded @ Riverside Recording, Titusville, NJ

Gang Vocals: Swashbuckle, Shipmate Len, Shipmate Jay, Shipmate Tony, Wench Jamie, Wench Melissa

Auxiliary percussion by Crashride, RedRum, and Nobeard
Guest trumpet on "Under The Black Flag" by Daniel Blum

Cover & interior art by Adam Vehige
Layout and design by Commodore RedRum

Copyright 2006
Pat Bastard Music (ASCAP)
Wretch Gretch Music (ASCAP)
Sword Metal Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Swashbuckle Trenton, New Jersey

The Dudes With Pirate 'Tudes.™

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Track Name: Under The Black Flag
Music: Nobeard
Track Name: Welcome Aboard
Welcome Aboard (Lyrics: RedRum/Nobeard, Music: Nobeard)

Taking to the sails at dawn
Ravage the seven seas
Yo ho, Yo ho, this Pirates life for me
We'll slit your throat; you'll walk the plank
The sharks are all you'll see
Yo ho, Yo ho, 'cause Pirates we all be

Reaching Port Town by dusk
The Jolly Roger flying high
Caught in a fairwinds sky
We've come to rape and pillage -
And plunder the village

Too the tavern we'll march
Alcohol surrounds - The true commodore of the seas
Rum and ale, to corrupt our black hearts
Through bloodshot eyes we'll claim our prize
Wenches and whores and gold galore
We'll call this rusty shanty 'home'
for but one night, come morn - we'll roam
Across the seas, to the horizon's edge

Avast ye!
Hornswogglin' swashbucklers!
Buccaneers of the Spanish Main
The scourge of all scallywags
Swimming in doubloons - Yet still marooned
On some godforsaken island

Nothin' left to do but bury in sand
Bury our hope - upon Cap'n's demand
Treasure in a chest - Marked with an 'X'
Sail into the golden sunset
In a world of map-drawn lines
True paradise defined
Yo ho, Yo ho, in this Pirates life of mine
Track Name: Drink Up
Drink Up (Lyrics: RedRum, Music: RedRum/Nobeard)

Forever again will we hail
Upon this nautical hell, we sail
Through the moonless nights
Across the seas of death, we'll fight

Slash of the saber sword
Lift the curse and be restored
We're pirates!
We aim to kill!
No prisoners - our code fulfilled

Pass the Ale
Pass the Rum
By nights embrace
our bodies numb

Drink up me matey's YO HO! YO HO!
Drink up me matey's YO HO!

Mighty cannon's roar into the sky
Burning chainshot - our foes reply
The Black One's beard is burning bright
A tour of duty of epic might
For honor
For glory
For lore and sacred story
Track Name: Set Sail
Music: RedRum/Nobeard
Track Name: Walk The Plank
Walk the Plank (Lyrics: Nobeard, Music: Nobeard)

Mutiny on the bound
Gather the crew around
Tie the traitor's hands
You'll have no time think
As we watch you sink
Boots filled with sand

Walk the Plank!
High Fives! Plank Dives!

Treason is the reason
That you're gonna die!

High Fives! Plank Dives!

The depths of the ocean
Is where your carcass lies!
Track Name: What A Ship Is
Music: RedRum/Nobeard
Track Name: Dead Men Tell No Lies
Dead Men Tell No Lies (Lyrics: RedRum, Music: RedRum/Nobeard)

Batten down the hatches men
We've been through hell and back again
Traitors - Seen 'em come and go
No scars, No Gold, No Pride to show
The price to pay for mutiny
Is somewhat certain death
For you to see

Dead Men Tell No Lies!

Betrayers of the code must know
Seeds of vengeance will soon be sowed
We'll gather round will all our loot
And tie a cannon to your boots

Dead Men Tell No Lies!
Track Name: The Wooden World
Music: RedRum, Shiphand Akira-san
Track Name: "X" Marks The Spot
“X” Marks the Spot (Lyrics: RedRum/Nobeard, Music: Nobeard)

Groundbreaking cartographic course
Bottled at the source
Myth to map; Word to World
The paradigm of space unfurled
Nature mirrored for navigation
Reject religious implication
Change in thought; an evolution
Worldwide nautical revolution

Now take this paper parched with age
With lines that dash across the page
Pace your steps across the beach
And keep a shovel within your reach

We’ve taken our weight in silver and gold
Pillaging and looting as part of the code
We’ve buried our treasure where old seamen rot
Upon our map – “X” marks the spot
Track Name: Rum Runners
Music: Nobeard
Track Name: Upon The Spanish Main
Upon the Spanish Main (Lyrics: RedRum, Music: Nobeard)

Load the guns and heave in sail
The pirates of the seas prevail
Your royal navy won’t keep us down
We’ll burn your ships down to the ground
We’ve drawn the maps
We’ve set the traps

Upon the Spanish Main!
Track Name: The Bazaar
Music: Nobeard
Track Name: Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger (Lyrics: Rowin’ Joe Po, Music: Rowin' Joe Po)

We be the nomads of the sea
We fight and pilfer because we are free
Sailing through tempests fueled by our greed
To obtain thy treasure ‘tis the key

Royal Soldiers should beware
Seeing our flag flying through the air
Swinging aboard to raid your boat
Try to stop us and we’ll slit your throat
All townsfolk should heed these words
Fear the Jolly Roger!

Grog and booty, they mean the most
When we have them, we love to boast
But ale and wenches do come close
Land Ahoy! In the crow’s nest I spot the coast
Track Name: Paradise Defined
Music: RedRum
Track Name: Crewed By The Damned
Crewed by the Damned (Lyrics: RedRum, Music: Nobeard)

Under the curse we sail the seas
In this goddamned pirates life we lead
Plunder Plunder - Chests of Wonder
Buried deep within the sand
Pillage Pillage - Raid the Village
Fire the cannon's and make a stand

We are...
Crewed by the Damned!
All hopes lost
Crewed by the Damned!

Moonlight pears through all out fears
Exposing bleached white bone
Wooden Legs and Emptied Kegs
We sail into the black unknown
We may never again see sight of land
In this pirates tale so grand

We are...
Crewed by the Damned!
All hopes lost
Crewed by the Damned!
Track Name: A Fool's Errand
Music: Nobeard, Rowin' Joe Po
Track Name: Pirate Jargon
Music: Nobeard/Rowin' Joe Po